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  • Valerie-WithText.jpg
    "Special Family" Baby Valerie has no muscle tone and needs special care.
  • school-supplies.jpg
    Every year, school supplies are gathered so the children in our Special Families program can start their academic year with all the necessary items for them to succeed. Your donations help make this possible.
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  • newshoes.jpg
    A benefactor provided new shoes for 60 of our needy "Special Families" children.
  • JudyInWheelchair.jpg
    A new wheelchair provided by Several Sources made the world of difference to young Judy.
  • School-Supplies-2.jpg
    When it's a choice between food and pens, pencils and notes books, what do you think families with little resources are going to be able to give their children? Please help them to be able to do both.
  • sick-child.jpg
  • Debbie-carseat.jpg
    A new car seat will help make sure this precious life is kept safe.
  • phoebe-after-surgery.jpg
    One of our families is supporting the five year old child of a young Several Sources mother who passed away from a heart defect. Phoebe inherited her mother's congenital heart disease.
  • fans-senedu.jpg
    During the sweltering month of July, when temperatures were 100 degrees and above, Several Sources gave each of our 70 “Special Families” a much needed fan.
  • nwk1.jpg
    Making sure children have food at the end of the month is important.

Letters from "Special Families"

Mothers who leave Several Sources Shelters often continue to need help in the future. Several Sources started a program called "Special Families" to help.  The number of special families range throughout the year from 65 to 75. They need food gift certificates on a regular basis, medical and school supplies, gifts at Christmas and other support to help them get through difficult economic times.


Felicia, a former Several Sources mom, had her daughter Harmony on April 5, 2010 while living at our shelter. In April 2014, Felicia emailed Kathy DiFiore to say that she was pregnant with her second child. Unfortunately, the baby's father was very abusive to her and did not want her to have this baby. Kathy told Felicia that she and Several Sources Shelters would do everything possible for Felicia to give birth to her preborn baby. Several Sources stepped in and helped with rent, provisions and emotional support to a very lonely and sometimes depressed young woman.

God Blessed Felicia when she delivered a precious baby boy, Princeton, on 11-15-14. From the recent pictures Felicia sent us, baby Princeton and his sister Harmony look happy and healthy from all the love and support that their Mom and benefactors have given him.   


  • TY-Felicia-George-1.png
    Felicia wrote us recently to express her appreciation for Several Sources help. (click on image to read PDF)
  • Harmony-Faith-4-5-10.jpg
    Felicity's first child, Harmony, was born at Several Sources Shelters in 2010.
  • princeton-george.jpg
    Princeton is a handsome young man with a bright future thanks to help from Several Sources.
  • Harmony-George.jpg
    Harmony is growing into a beautiful young girl with lots to look forward to.


Allyson had her first baby, Elijah, at Several Sources Shelter in 2010. When she found she was pregnant again a few years later, Several Sources provided her with ongoing support and Madison was born in 2013.






Kathy met Luisaura and her daughter Valerie at a Knights of Columbus event in March 2015. Valerie was diagnosed at birth with West Syndrome also known as Infantile Spasms. She also has a mild case of epilepsy and delayed motion and learning skills because she had a hemorrhage at birth. She has been plagued with seizures and spasms most of her young life. Now she has started to have another type of convulsion that they are trying to identity so they can administer the proper treatment. Valerie has been in and out of the hospital several times trying to find the correct treatment to control her various episodes. We have provided clothing & diaper supplies for Valerie and toys to help with her lack of focus.





  • TY-Anne-Jean-Francois.jpg
    A heartfelt letter from Anne Jean-Francois thanking Several Sources Shelters for their help (click to see enlarged image)
  • Anne-J-F-7-15.jpg
    Anne once again writes to Several Sources, thanking them for their support in her time of need (click to see PDF).
  • Anne-KDF-Brianna.jpg
    Visiting Several Sources Shelters, Anne & her daughter Brianna join Kathy DiFiore for a picture.


  • Alden-Tyler-Crespo.jpg
    Margarita wrote to thank us for supporting her and her son over the years and to let us know he is now on his way to college! Your support helps us to continue to keep providing for those who turn to us in need. (click on image to see original PDF)
  • AldenTylerCrespo.jpg
    Alden's first photograph taken March, 1995.
  • Crespo-Alden-BabyCollage.jpg
    Alden through the years as he grew up in front of our eyes.


Several Sources is truly a blessing. They have helped me and my family through rough times without even knowing it. Food, school supplies, clothing, toys and money have come at times when we've really needed it. They have provided my children with experiences that they probably would not have known. I especially want to thank you for those food gift certificates. Its hard for kids to study and go to school when they are hungry and the Disney shows, trips to New York, outings at private lakes and the meeting of really nice people are something they will always have.

Each month we are blessed with a package that I hate to say -- I look forward to getting, regardless of what is in it. It is always needed and I am truly grateful. Several Sources has done for me and my family what I could not have. Just recently my electricity was shut off. Just by me asking, it was on the same day.

God is good and has put these people in my path. I cannot express how they have inspired me. Six years ago when I first met Kathy at a shelter just out of a halfway house in a city I did not know, she was an inspiration to me. I truly believe by meeting her and seeing a little of what they do at Several Sources has helped me with my sobriety. The people who work at Several Sources seem to have this gift to do for others always with a smile in their heart. Thank God for Jesus. Thank Jesus for Several Sources.


P.S. – I asked my children what they liked the best about Several Sources and they said, “The stuff!”

Dear Kathy,

This is a very overdue thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have bestowed on us through the years. If only I could put into words how much help your monthly packages and especially the food gift certificates are to us. We are still using the Country Time lemonade during these very hot summer days and the fan was such a surprise and very well used. We love you all so very much and look forward to seeing you on Friday.

The kids really had a wonderful time at the camp experience you provided for them and I can't thank you enough for four wonderful days on my own for the first time in 10 years. Of course, I work two different jobs and there is always so much to do as a single parent, but it was certainly easier for those four days.

God bless you and all our love.
Eileen, Shanique and Toni

Dear Kathy,

Just let me apologize to you and your staff members for not keeping in touch with you all. But, every one is doing fine, I am much better now that I have moved because there were so many good and bad memories there. And in my living room is where Tamara died.

Kathy I would just like to thank you all for everything that you all have done for us including the help with her funeral expenses. To lose a grandchild at only 7 years old was hard enough but to have Several Sources there to help me was a blessing. I hope God will continue to watch over you and keep you and protect all of you all. Please continue to pray for my family.

With all my love,
Helen & Family

Dear Kathy,

Sometimes it is hard to find the right words to express how one feels about what you and Several Sources Foundation have done for them. I’ve tried over the past three years and this is it!

Thank you could never be enough!!!

My children and I have enjoyed each and every monthly package you have sent us. If you only knew how many times the food gift certificates came just in time for me to get them something to eat. I thank God for you and your staff.

I remember a lot of what you have taught me and written to me and I am teaching my two boys. I remember all those classes you taught us week after week about true love and how to find it. Abstinence is definitely one lesson that I remember and practice along with trust, believing and the meaning of kindness.

Thank you so much. Sorry it has taken so long to write this.

God bless,

Dear Mrs. Kathy,

I’m just writing to say thank you for writing me back. Thanks for sending those nice clothes for me, my brother and my sister. Sorry it took so long to write back. I was so busy helping my Mother out with the new baby and going to school. Now I’m out of school now. Mrs. Kathy I got a Achievement award for Academic Excellence at Margaret L. Vetter school in Eaton Town., N.J. My mother and father are so proud of me most of all I thank you for helping mother so she would have the baby. We love our new baby sister. One thing, the baby need some summer clothes. My mother said she can wear a size 3 to 9 months. When you receive my letter I will be waiting to hear from you.


To Miss Kathy DiFiore,

I just would like to say thank you so very much for giving my son, Terrell, the chance to explore and to finally meet new and special people. It really made a difference in his life, and I thank God for people as yourself. You and the foundation will be well rewarded in Christ for giving to others who are less fortunate in life.

You have always been there for me since my daughter came into my life. It has been 3-1/2 years, God has blessed me and made me realize that He is truly Everlasting. You will never know how important your food gift certificates have been for me and the children. I just know you have helped to save many tears from being cried for all of us.

Thank you Several Sources,
Miss Tayjon & Family

"Why is there so much month left at the end of the milk?", Maggie tearfully asked.

Happy family receiving their care packageThat was the question... the seed of truth that God used to inspire our monthly "Care" Package Program.

When you live on the edge of poverty, it's good to have powdered milk in the cupboard for the end of the month. When the food stamps run out, and the children turn to you in fear because the refrigerator is empty, what can you do? Powdered milk is not enough.

If you are a Special Family of the Several Sources Shelters, you can depend on receiving, around the 21st of each month, a "Care" Package with food gift certificates for your local food store, school supplies for your children, some dry food products, clothing, and a most important spiritual gift of a book, a plaque, or Bible verse to remind you how much God loves you and your children.

A letter received from one of our special families shows how much these packages mean:

"Thank you all so much. The coupons came exactly when I had NO food in my home and no income at all. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Donitha"