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    When you are living in a Newark Homeless shelter with your grandmother and you have no where to go after school until the Homeless Shelter reopens, the Several Sources Day Care Center for the Homeless women and children called Ladies Rest is an answer to prayer.
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    Whether it's the homeless women or a child who needs an extra bit of love and attention, Several Sources volunteers offer their support and help.
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    Help us comfort homeless women in need.
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    This young mother comes to our shelter during the day to keep her son off the dangerous inner city streets.
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    These homeless women of Newark, NJ always know they can get a warm meal at Ladies Rest.
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    When her son left her on a highway, this woman was mugged and alone. Through the help of a Several Sources volunteer, she was given the Social Services she so desperately needed.
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    A special visiting parrot, Rocky, stops by to share some lunch.
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    "It's hard to believe there is so much love and caring when you are homeless in Newark, but then you come to Ladies Rest and find out that some people really do care about you!"
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    During an abusive relationship, all of this woman's identification was destroyed before she was cast out on the streets. With our help, she was able to navigate through government departments to re-gain her green card and help restore her dignity.
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    For some of our women on the cold inner city streets, this donated clothing may be the first clean, warm clothing they have had for awhile.
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    Life can feel hopeless when you're homeless and have no where to go. Ladies Rest is committed to helping.
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    Rocky, a visiting parrot, lifts the spirits of the women at Ladies Rest.
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    Kathy DiFiore with a homeless family who enjoyed Christmas dinner at Ladies Rest.

When you're homeless, finding a place to sleep means maybe visiting the local police department and hoping they can find you a nighttime shelter. But, what are you to do and where are you to go during the day?

Kathy DiFiore with a homeless women on the street.Our "Ladies Rest" daytime program offers a homeless woman the dignity and helping hands that she needs to put her life back together.

A view of the inner cityImagine, for one moment, what it is like to be homeless. The nighttime shelter staff tells you, that you must be out by 7 a. m. and can not return no matter what the weather until 4 p. m. The Public Library isn't open. If you want to go to the bathroom, all you can do is hope the local coffee shop will let you use their facilities. There is a long day ahead. They won't let you stay too long in the Bus Station or the Train Station. You're scared and very alone.

Then, someone tells you about "Ladies Rest". It sounds like Heaven!!! Telephones, food, warmth, clothes, a mailing address, training, a fax machine, an opportunity to learn about computers and, more important than all this, love, hope, counseling and a God-Centered Haven to call "Home". Yes... HOME... a new start, a fresh beginning, a reason to try harder to put your broken life back together. No fees are ever charged. Bible study, discussion groups and prayer are daily-shared experiences.

Ladies Rest shelter"Ladies Rest" opened on October 16, 1997 and currently is open 7 days a week to help support homeless women and children in Newark through some of the most difficult struggles anyone can face in life. It also helps serve the 80 inner city families whom we have been helping through our Mobile Manna efforts for these past three years. In addition, Ladies Rest provides a central Newark location for all our various activities for poor inner city children.

The women who come to stay at our daytime shelter live at nighttime shelters in the neighborhood. The women must leave their nighttime shelters at 7 a.m. and cannot return until 4 p.m.

We provide: daytime shelter from the weather; we supply food, clothing, counseling, job skills, access to the telephone and an answering machine for job interviews and apartment hunting, access to other Social Service Agencies and, most of all, our friendship and concern for the women and children in need who visit us.

Since our opening, we have assisted over 200 very special ladies each year.



Jennifer is just one of our Ladies who has benefited from the many Services provided at "Ladies Rest". She is now employed and has her own apartment.



Ladies Rest is located on Central Avenue, Newark, NJ.

Special Letters from "Ladies Rest" Women



Dear Kathy,

Ann SheridanIt was a cold winter's day January 1st 1997, when I first walked past 74 Central Avenue. I noticed the sign that said "Ladies Rest", the door was locked. I was walking from Jay Street to the Diner on Market and Fleming where I could rest and get something hot to eat. The next time I came by, I went up and rung the bell, the door was opened by Charlotte, she asked me who I was and where did I come from. I told her I was Ann Sheridan and I was from Jay Street.

She said "Come in". She was so warm, kind and compassionate, that for the first time in a very long time, I felt like a human being. When you are in the shelter system in Essex County you are completely demoralized. Charlotte made me feel like there is a reason to live and that I would eventually get better. At that time, I was in the lowest point in my life, no home, no car, no family but the clothes on my back.

From that day 'til now, Charlotte has made me believe that there is a reason to keep on trying where I can regain my dignite and my feeling of self worth. I've had many medical problems including depression. Now I have an apartment in a safe building and I'm getting my life back on track. This would not have been possible without all the help and support and love from Several Sources. If it were not for them I would not have made it. When things were at the darkest, it was their help through clothing, food and emotional support that kept me alive mentally and physically. I will never be able to pay back all that was given to me, but I try by giving 2 days a week to Ladies Rest.

God Bless and keep you in His care always, Amen

Ann Sheridan

Several Sources means to me - I have a place to go, when there is no place at all. To meet up with ladies from all walks of life. Also to be able to eat and rest and talk and find about any information that there is to know. Whether it is raining or sunny, I feel comfortable coming here.


Several Sources means a great deal to me. First of all it is some place dignified and supportive to come every day. There is always plenty of food. There is donated clothing for every season, a personal computer to update and/or make resumes or just play Solitaire. The ladies that come here are good people that not so good things have happened to - just like me.

I thank God for this place and show my gratitude by taking care of it as it were my own home, and in many respects it is.


Several Sources means a very good shelter for women to rest, get clothes and help for people. The soup, tea, clothes, rides, and more are good for people. We are open 7 days a week Central Ave. and University. If you need dollars, they can help. I love Several Sources.

Thank you,